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Nordtext acquires Transfluent

Nordtext acquires Transfluent



In the deal finalised in January 2024, Nordtext SIA purchased the entire share capital of Transfluent Oy.


Nordtext is a growing international language solutions provider with offices in Latvia and Finland. Founded in 2006, Nordtext has carved out a reputation for being experts in technical, life sciences, finance and legal industries. The acquisition of Transfluent follows the purchase of Maris Multilingual Oy (now Nordtext Oy) in 2022 as Nordtext seeks to strengthen its presence in the Finnish market.



Kristaps Kvelde, CEO of Nordtext saw Transfluent as an instant match, with the companies having client portfolios and skillsets that complement each other. Transfluent brings an additional depth and competence within retail, ecommerce, elearning,  marketing, advertsigin, gaming and SaaS industries, enabling further expansion and the development of modern language solutions for the benefit of both Nordtext and Transfluent clients. Also, Transfluent’s experienced in-house translation team boasting some of the best linguists in Finland was a definite bonus.
Mikko R
äty, CEO of Transfluent, commented: “Finding an organisation actively engaged in Northern Europe and the Baltics was a crucial aspect for us. This strategic move enables us to provide our customers with progressively competitive projects. I am confident that Transfluent and our clients have now found a promising new home, paving the way for a positive and interesting future."

The client facing operations of both companies continue as before, while the integration process commences behind the scenes.

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