Corporate Social Responsibility

Nordtext is a company that ensures its business activities are in active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms. It is our belief that we should also uphold moral and ethical responsibilities. Nordtext through our various activities and actions strive to promote a positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees and all the members of various communities.


Promoting educational initiatives


Nordtext are proud supporters of Aflatoun organization, whom we help with pro bono translation and desktop publishing of educational materials into Latvian. Aflatoun is a non-governmental organization focusing on educating children about their rights and responsibilities and managing financial resources through social and financial education - skills that are usually not found in regular school curricula. Aflatoun is reaching 1 million children around the world and is helping over 400,000 of them save money and other resources. 

Environment friendly office materials


Our company employees are encouraged to be environmentally friendly and Nordtext finds various ways to provide the means to facilitate this within our Riga and Klaipeda offices and beyond. One such initiative is the reduction of use of paper. Purchase orders, invoices and any other documentation requiring printable material is generally conducted electronically. In instances where we do use it, such as companies’s official stationary, we print on environmentally friendly sustainable materials by Arctic Paper, that are FSC certified. FSC promotes an ecological, social and economically responsible management of the world’s forests and their certification provides a way to follow the origin of the raw material to the manufactured product.



We strive to work with the most modern, durable and highest quality technology to ensure reduced electricity consumption. At the same time we have strict policies for utilization of old electronics and any equipment no longer in use. Used batteries, computers or other electronic equipment no longer in working order are disposed of at special recycling centers where they are safely recycled.

Active lifestyle


We also believe that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, thus one of the favored activities is the Nordea Riga Marathon, where each year several Nordtext employees participate in the race. Our office premises facilitate convenient and safe parking of bicycles, encouraging more and more employees switching from public transportation to bikes as their preferred means of commuting.

Gender equality and support for young families


Gender equality is an important aspect of Nordtext mentality. We promote equality by making it possible for those who are parents to combine work and family and by giving women and men equal opportunities to rise to leadership positions.