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Translation is a process requiring accuracy and a high level of expertise. The task of the translator is to transfer the essence of the text from the source language to the target language, taking into consideration the linguistic and cultural peculiarities of the country or region where the translation will be used.

Nordtext collaborates with highly qualified professional experts. An extensive vendor data base enables us to offer translations to and from about 50 languages and allows us to select the most appropriate specialist for each specific project.

Translation services

Nordtext offers translations in a wide variety of fields. Whether you require translation of a legal document or instructions for the use of a specific device, you can put your trust in us. You will receive a linguistically and culturally accurate translation. The format of your text is not an obstacle – Nordtext works with various file formats (.doc, .xls, .indd, .xml, etc.) and you will receive your translation in the format of your choice.

Our quality control policy requires each translation to undergo three steps – translation, proofreading and editing. In the majority of cases the translator is a native speaker of the target language and resides in the region or country where the translated text is to be used. Proofreading and editing is performed by experts who are, without exception, native speakers. In the case of extremely topic-specific texts, we engage the services of experts in that particular area.

However, you the client stand to gain more than just the benefits of our quality control policy and format flexibility. Most of our translators use the “CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools” which can be grouped in two categories – automatic and intelligent. Nordtext makes wide use of intelligent translation programs, especially SDL Trados, which is the most widely used and respected translation program in the world. This program offers such benefits as formation of translation memory, which saves time and resources and guarantees terminology consistency.

Nordtext also guarantees the storage of all project files. If you need to retrieve a translation at any time, Nordtext can do so in a matter of seconds.   

The price for written translations is based on the number of words in the source language. However, there are other factors involved in determining the price of this service:

- Prevalence of the target language
- Specifics and degree of difficulty of the text to be translated
- Deadline
- Size of the text to be translated
- Target audience of the translation
- Text format
We will make a price estimate of your translation at no cost to you when you fill out the on-line order form. Receipt of price estimate is in no way binding.

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