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While at a first glance, translating your material might seem like a simple process, there are several important aspects to consider in order to get the best results. Therefore we have defined a clear, yet flexible workflow as to how we handle a typical translation project from the moment we receive your inquiry till the moment the completed translation is delivered.

1. Quotation Request

Our clients can easily submit their requests either by e-mail or online.

2. Analysis and Quotation Preparation

Careful analysis of the client inquiry is a very important step. Typically, you will have one Project Manager as your main point of contact, who will:
  • Analyse the files, content, languages, volume, target audience
  • Evaluate the required human & technical resources
  • Clarify exact requirements with the customer
  • Identify the potential issues
  • Set the timeframe
3. Project Kit Preparation

Once the client has confirmed the project and all the requirements and conditions are clear, the Project Manager will:
  • Determine the exact workflow and schedule
  • Assign the most appropriate linguistic and technical resources together with Vendor Manager 
  • Create a terminology list 
  • Create style guide
  • Choose the most appropriate Computer Aided Translation tool and create Translation Memory
  • Collect and prepare reference material
  • Prepare files for translation (file conversion, text extraction, etc.) together with our technical staff
  • Send the project kit to translators, revisers and QA resources
4. Translation and Revision

We employ only native linguists specializing in the specific subject area, with several years of professional translation and revision experience. During this step:
  • The translator translates the text in a professional manner, taking into account all the instructions and reference materials and checks his/her own work for any errors
  • The reviser examines the translation for its suitability for the purpose, compares the source and the target texts for terminology consistency, grammar, register and style
  • Terminology expert might be consulted
  • Project Manager ensures timely issue management and maintains regular contact with all parties involved in the process, including the client
5. Desktop Publishing (DTP)

If required, our experienced DTP experts can support you with multilingual desktop publishing and prepare your documents for printing or publishing online. During the DTP, we will:
  • Make the necessary file conversions
  • Format and layout the translated files (graphics, text expansion, hyphenation, etc.)
  • Proofread the files after the layout is complete
6. Quality Assurance

Our quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and Quality Assurance (QA) is an integral part of any project. During QA we check the correctness and completeness of the service provided.

7. Delivery to Customer

Completed translation is delivered to the customer in the agreed format and method.

8. Customer Feedback

Nordtext is highly committed to the continuous improvement of the quality of its services and in meeting our customer demands even better in the future. We therefore encourage our customers to provide regularly their feedback about the quality of the service received.

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