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Nordtext's greatest asset is the people who work for us. Our in-house teams in Riga and Klaipeda office consist of experienced and highly skilled professionals, all sharing the passion for languages and dedication to providing high added-value services to our customers. 

Feel free to contact our staff by e-mail or Skype as indicated below.

Riga office

Arturs Svekris
Chief Executive Officer

E-mail: arturs(at)
Skype: s_arturs

Kristaps Kvelde
Business Operations Manager

E-mail: kristaps(at)
Skype: kristaps.kveldee

Dagnija Spanovska
Quality Assurance & Vendor Manager

E-mail: dagnija.spanovska(at)
Skype: dagnija_spanovska

Sigita Soprovska
Senior Project Manager

E-mail: sigita(at)
Skype: sigita.soprovska

Krista Irbe
Key Account Manager

E-mail: krista(at)
Skype: krista_irbe

Aleksandrs Priscics
Financial Manager

E-mail: aleksandrs.priscics(at)
Skype: aleksandrs.priscics.nordtext

Anete Raugule
Project Manager

E-mail: anete.raugule(at)
Skype: anete.raugule

Marija Zaiceva
Project Manager

E-mail: marija.zaiceva(at)
Skype: marija.zaiceva.nordtext

Jolanta Klodāne
Project Manager

E-mail: jolanta.klodane(at)
Skype: jolanta.klodane

Samanta Grancovska
Project Manager

E-mail: samanta.grancovska(at)
Skype: samanta.grancovska

Ivars Svekris
System Administrator

E-mail: ivars.svekris(at)

Skype: svekris

Ieva Dumbrava

E-mail: ieva.dumbrava(at)

Rihards Rikmanis

E-mail: rihards.rikmanis(at)

Vita Sīle

E-mail: vita.sile(at)

Klaipeda office

Mindaugas Stankunas
Country Manager

E-mail: mindaugas(at)
Skype: mindaugas1442

Rasa Samaitiene
Quality Assurance & Project Manager

E-mail: rasa.samaitiene(at)
Skype: rasa.samaitiene.nordtext

Egidija Dužinaite
Project Manager

E-mail: egidija.duzinaite(at)
Skype: egidija.duzinaite_nordtext

Ieva Haak

E-mail: ieva.haak(at)
Skype: ievahaak

Our in-house teams are also supported by over 1000 freelance translators, revisers, DTP specialists and other experts around the world. This large pool of resources allows us to select the most appropriate specialists for your projects and handle even very large projects with short turnaround times.
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