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About us
Who We Are
Nordtext was founded in 2006 to provide professional translation and localization services for Scandinavian and Eastern European markets. Since then, we have been growing fast and today are one of the leading language service providers in the Baltic Sea region with offices in Latvia and Lithuania, global network of over 2400 freelance experts and customers from 4 continents.

Our core characteristics are:
- process orientation
- flexibility
- dedication to quality and continuous improvement
- embracing innovations
- focus on long-term relationships
- integrity

This mindset, facilitated by cost-efficiency, has brought us recognition and trust from customers ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinational corporations as well as government agencies, EU institutions and world's leading LSPs. Customers choose us, because we understand their needs, deliver according to their requirements and very often exceed their expectations.

Quick facts:

- 21 in-house employees
- Over 2400 freelance experts
- Over 13 mil. words translated and proofread in 2010
- 643 hours and 1568 pages of DTP in 2010
- ISO 9001:2008 certified
- Adhering to EN 15038
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